Type 2 (or 3) AC surge protector

Arresters tested and found Type 3 are intended to be installed near sensitive equipment, in coordination with Type 2 arrester installation head.

DACN30VGS series
Type 1+2+3 - Iimp 30 kA
VG Technology - Monobloc
Remote signaling
DAC50VGS Series
Type 2+3 - Imax 50 kA
Remote signaling
Pluggable module
VG Technology
DACF15S series
Surge protection Multipolar
Type 2 (ou 3) - Imax 15kA
With integreted fuse
With remote signalling
DAC15CS 3-Phase Serie
Surge Protector 3-phase+N
Type 2 (or 3) - Imax 15 kA
Compact and Pluggable module
Remote signaling
DACN10S series
Type 2 (or 3) Imax 10 kA
Single Phase Compact Monobloc
Remote signaling