Photovoltaic solar farms are made up of hundreds of solar panels, connected to several sensitive equipments. They present a high risk of direct lightning impact and surges due to the large exposed area and the long lengths of the electric conductors. In order to avoid problems leading to costly damage and downtime, it is compulsory to install surge protectors at key points in the PV system. Due to the long length of wires, additional Type 1 SPDs are required at the input of PV modules. They are usually installed inside combiner boxes. For inverters connected to data networks or probes, installation of relevant surge protectors is highly recommended. Due to the risk of direct lightning strikes, Type 1 surge protector must be installed at the DC input of the inverter. Type 1 surge protector is required at the AC network entrance whenever a lightning rod is installed on the premises. A professional approach to lightning and surge protection will guarantee your photovoltaic systems a long life.

CITEL surge protectors for PV power plants installations