Surge protection for PV power plants installations

PV power plants present a high risk of direct lightning impact and surges due to the large exposed area and the long lengths of the electric conductors.In order to avoid problems leading to costly damage and downtime, it is compulsory to install surge protectors at key points in the PV system.

Selection of surge protectors

On this table you will find the surge protection solution for Photovoltaic power plants.

Location ModelDescription
PV network DS60VGPV-1500G/51Type 1 + 2 Photovoltaic surge protector
Iimp 12,5 kA - VG Technology
PV Network DS50VGPVS-1000/12KT1Type 1 + 2 Photovoltaic surge protector
Iimp/Itotal : 6.25 / 12.5 kA (10/350µs) - VG Technology
AC Network DAC1-13S-31-275Type 1+2 AC surge protector
In 20 kA - Remote signaling
DATA Network DLA-24D31-pair pluggable surge protector
In 5 kA - Imax 20 kA - Remote signaling
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Video-SPDs for PV power plants