CITEL commited for the recycling of its products

CITEL professional electrical products that you use for your activities become Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) when they reach the end of their life.

In France, the Environment Code (articles R.543-172 and following) has been defining since 2005 the methods of management of the WEEE recycling sector, based on the principle of Extended Producer Responsibility (REP). Thus, any Producer putting professional EEE on the market must organize and finance the collection, depollution and recycling of its equipment.

Committed to a sustainable approach, CITEL has chosen to fulfill its obligations by financing a collective recycling system, in order to share resources with other manufacturers, retailors and importers. It is a member of Récylum, which coordinates the collection, depollution and recycling of professional WEEE within ESR, the non-profit eco-organization approved by the public authorities to fulfill the mission of general interest in the management of WEEE.

The set up of Récylum services by CITEL demonstrates a desire to be involved in the management of the end of life of its equipment. It is also the way to guarantee a reliable and quality service for the collection and recycling of your professional WEEE.

Your recycling efforts rewarded with tangible benefits

Each year, 1.6 million tonnes of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) become out of order. They often contain substances or components polluting the environment, but also represent a strong potential for recycling the materials that compose them, such as metals, plastics or glass.

In order to preserve natural resources, there is a real need to produce in a sustainable way and to avoid polluting. The solution is recycling. Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, installer, maintainer or user (...), everyone has its responsibility.

Recycling your professional WEEE leads to concrete benefits:

  • Reduction of the environmental impacts of the end of life of the products (dismantling, decontamination);
  • Preservation of natural resources through recovered materials;
  • Job creation and industrial know-how in the recycling sector in France

CITEL products in the scope

GDT (Gas Discharge Tube), SPD (Surge Protection Devices)

Collecting methods

The returning of used electrical equipment to the recycling sector of professional WEEE is the guarantee of an effective care and compliance with environmental requirements. As a professional WEEE holder and client / partner of CITEL, you have various free solutions to get rid of them:

  • Volontary contribution (< 500 Kg or < 2,5 m3)

Deposit of professional WEEE in one of the 200 professional service points or one of the 1,500 professional distributors of the Récylum network.

To locate the nearest point, 'Find a collection point' button

  • On-site removal (≥ 500 Kg or ≥ 2,5 m3)

Request for removal from Récylum, in order to set up the appropriate logistics and to set an appointment for the collection of professional WEEE on site. Depending on the needs, containers can be made available.

To make a removal request, button 'Your collection solutions'

The equipment is then cleaned and recycled in a highly performant environmental industry.

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