Type 1 PV surge protector

CITEL Type 1 SPDs for PV are designed to withstand up to 12.5 kA 10/350µs, incorporating CITEL's exclusive and patented 'VG techology'. CITEL offers two ranges for DIN rail mounting and one range for PCB mounting.

Range DS50VGPV/12KT1Type 1+2 PV surge protectorPluggable modulesVG Technology
DS50PV/12KT1 seriesPV surge protectorType 1+2 - Iimp 6.25 kAPluggable modulesRemote signaling
DS60VGPV seriesPV surge protectorType 1+2 - Iimp: 12.5 kAMonobloc VG Technology - Remote signaling
DS50PV/12KT1 series
PV surge protector
Type 1+2 - Iimp 6.25 kA
Pluggable modules
PPV1 SeriesPV surge protectorType 1+2 - Iimp 6.25 kAPCB Mounting