CITEL : DAC80 series, HEAVY DUTY AC TYPE 2 Surge Protector For AC panel

· The New DAC80 series offers an increased surge rating of 80 kA Imax. Classified as IEC Type 2, the product range is intended to be installed inside the main electrical panel. The electrical diagram of the DAC80 module is a block of two high-energy varistors with a single thermal disconnection system.

· CITEL is the only manufacturer to offer a complete family of products with such a wide range of Imax values from 10 kA to 80 kA.

· The DAC80 Series is compliant to EN 61643-11 and UL1449 4th Edition.

· With a robust 80 kA Imax surge rating, the DAC80 is recommended for installation in areas with a very high lightning activity. Due to its high surge rating, the DAC80 series will provide a significant increase in the life expectancy of the surge protector when compared with a standard Type 2 AC SPDs with an Imax@40kA.