Surge voltages due to lightning strikes can compromise your PV installations… and damage all your electrical and electronic devices. In order to avoid very costly damages resulting from a direct or indirect lightning strike, it is highly recommended to install surge protectors at key points in the PV system. For low power PV applications, such as residences and small offices, it is necessary to consider protecting the DC input of the inverter fed by the PV panels as well as the AC output of the inverter that is directly connected to the electric power grid. Surge protectors must be carefully connected to the earthing system. If the PV panel is located more than 10 meters away from the initial surge protector, the guide imposes the insertion of a complementary surge protector to improve the level of protection. Depending on the lightning rating of the installation area, a Type 2 surge protector on the DC network may be required. AC Surge Protector in the main electrical panel is necessary to protect the system against transients originating from the AC utility grid. A professional approach to lightning and surge protection will guarantee your photovoltaic systems a long life.

SPD for residential installations