Surge Counter & SPD Monitoring Device LSCM-D


As we know, surge voltages caused by lightning strikes can lead to severe damages and destructions to power and signaling networks, such as common buildings, new energy plant structures like wind turbines. SPDs (Surge Protective Devices) are currently used to tackle this important threat.

Main Features

· Estimating the surge stress applied to the SPDs, for prostective maintenance (SPD replacement before failure) and possible upgrade the surge protection strategy (increase the discharge current of the installed SPD because too heavy or too frequent surges). For this, the timing, location and current amplitude of the surge events must be known.

· Knowing the status (operating/disconnected) of Surge Protection Branch (SPD + associated disconnectors e.g.MCB, fuse ) and transmission on this information remotely.

Surge Counter & SPD Monitoring Device LSCM-D