2022 forthcoming webinars

Surge Protectors for Energy Storage Systems

  • Date:2022.12.23 2:00pm

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  • Course ID:645 347 716

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Course Instructor:Gary Zhu _ Product Manager

Course content:Technical requirements and selection of SPD in energy storage system

The Energy Storage System (ESS) respond, either, to a financial issue to improve energy management (peak management/frequency regulation) or to an ecological issue pushing for energetic transition phenomena. Through the energy storage system, green energy production becomes more efficient. The cost of facilities and the importance of the operation and efficiency of such equipment makes their loss of service unacceptable. Some measures must be taken to limit damages, due to external influences. One of the risks to be taken into account is the possible default due to transient overvoltages generated by the lightning or by the switching operations.
CITEL's R&D teams have developed specific products to protect your ESS equipment against overvoltages. As for our standardization experts, they have ensured that CITEL products comply with the future test standard for DC surge protectors.

December 23rd at 2:00pm, welcome to join us, you will learn:
1)The surge characters of the ESS system
2)The requirements and the selection of SPD
3)How to operate SPD safely under short-circuit current
4)CITEL solutions for ESS systems